He Who Laughs Last


Our friend Bob Murphy over at Free Advice alerted me to this composite video made up of clips from 2006 and 2007:

Here we see a series of “esteemed” commentators, including Arthur Laffer and Ben Stein, basically laughing in Peter Schiff’s face even while he calls the coming downturn very accurately. The best moment may be Ben Stein insisting that Merrill Lynch was being “given away” at $76. (The stock today is at $14.)

12 thoughts on “He Who Laughs Last

  1. They didn’t “basically” laugh in Mr. Schiff’s face – they absolutely did! Repeatedly! Sneering, cutting remarks. I give Mr. Schiff a ton of credit to sticking to his guns.

  2. Yes, Carl, you’re right, at least for the two real estate bufoons — they really did laugh right in his face.

  3. Peter Schiff should be in Paulson’s position. He should at least be advisor to Obama. I’ve heard the drivel from numerous talking heads on most of the major “financial” news shows. All garbage except for Mr. Schiff.

  4. Anyone interested in starting a Peter Schiff/Jim Rogers movement for 2012? I guess we’d have to convince Jim to move back to the States which probably won’t happen, but we can dream!

  5. I bet they know what he’s talking about now.


    Schiff has without a doubt symbolically rubbed his dirty sweatsocks in the pimply faces of all those who doubted him.

  6. Pete Schiff for Secretary of Treasury!!!! He nailed it while others must have been smoking too much of something. How can anybody ever, ever believe any of those talking heads again?

  7. What was Schiff saying in 2004 about 2005-2006.
    If he was bullish, then he is smart.
    If he was bearish, then he is a perma bear.

  8. since when is Ben Stein considered a finacial expert? I understand he has accumulated a bit of wealth through acting, etc but what did he do for FOX to put him on TV?

    Schiff was Rep Paul’s economic advisor for a reason. He is very intelligent and sees the federal reserve system for the fraud it is.

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