Beth Hoffman, RIP

by Sandy Ikeda

Beth Hoffman died in her sleep yesterday.  I can’t quite remember when I first met her, but it was probably at the Foundation for Economic Education over 20 years ago. She was an important part of FEE and a reassuring constant over many years and through several of its leadership changes.  She not only did important editorial work at The Freeman magazine and organized and ran many summer seminars (and countless other indispensable things we never heard about), but I personally felt that as long as Beth was around FEE things were fundamentally Ok.

She exuded warmth, poise, and a sharpness of mind.  I also know that she was a loving mother, wife, and devoted daughter-in-law.  I always felt a special connection to her, partly because we knew we were committed to the same ideals of a free society, but also because we both attended Hillsdale College, she a few years ahead of me.  It pleased me deeply that we were always genuinely happy to see each other.  She was one of my favorite people, and now I will miss her very, very much.  We all will.

One thought on “Beth Hoffman, RIP

  1. Very sad to hear this – I met Beth at a FEE seminar in the summer of ’05 (where I also met/spoke with Sandy, Mario, and others). I have very fond memories of that week and Beth definitely went out of her way to make sure that everything ran smoothly.

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