NYU’s Economics Department Ranked Seventh in the World

March 30, 2009

by Mario Rizzo   


Since we live in a ranking- and list-fetish world, I present the latest ranking of Economics Departments. (HT to Greg Mankiw. Harvard is first.) No one should react mechanically to these. Look beneath the surface and pursue your interests.


13 Responses to “NYU’s Economics Department Ranked Seventh in the World”

  1. Stephen Says:

    It’s hard for me to take seriously any ranking that includes George Washington University but not George Mason.

  2. Devin Snead Says:

    I can’t take these rankings seriously either. Northwestern is #17 behind Warwick and Yale is #30.

  3. Sandy Ikeda Says:

    My degree grows more prestigious with each passing year without my having to do anything at all. Now THAT’S the causal efficacy of time for you!

  4. Rafael Guthmann Says:

    1- No Brazilian universities in this ranking?

    2- It is possible that there are distortions on this raking, I mean, small american colleges are better than any university in japan?

  5. Mario Rizzo Says:

    The list is suspect, I agree.

  6. James Kibler Says:

    I’m guessing most readers are already aware of the very helpful (if somewhat outdated) econphd.net, with weightings that attempt to address some of the bias issues, as well as sub-specialty rankings.

  7. Andreas Hoffmann Says:

    This list is not a ranking in the sense of Shanghai’s World Universities ranking. It is only a ranking according to the use of ideas/ repec. It features the registered authors/universities and the citations of works uploaded to repec. If this is the result, there is nothing to complain about. Maybe Japanese universities do not use ideas/repec as much as American and British universities.

  8. Arare Litus Says:


    All rankings are somewhat suspect, but do give some sort of rough information. Being in the top X gives you some sort of reflection of reality. I doubt (hope?) most people take rankings as being either precise or accurate, but see them instead as useful despite clear limitations, and a fun jumping off point for discussion.

    I take the placing in the top 10 as meaning that NYU Economics Department is very solid, and if you can find a person in the department that matches your interests and can connect with you and mentor you, then you would be in very good company. Your resume would also emit an effervescent sparkle that would catch the eye of “ranking- and list-fetish world” dwellers.

  9. observer Says:

    Damn no george mason? What is the standard of evaluation for being a top university? Articles published? Influential books? Nobels?

  10. Steven Says:

    Other than Econph.net, this is actually the only ranking I’ve seen that has Harvard, PU, MIT, U of C, and Cal at 1-5. In terms of reputation, this seems to be a no-brainer, yet some rankings punish U of C for having some faculty at the Booth School.
    It also seems to reaffirm things I’ve heard about up and coming departments (WUSL, several UC schools) and those that, well, aren’t so much (Cornell, Notre Dame).
    Regarnding George Mason, wouldn’t its emphasis on Austrian School economics make it kind of an outlier, and this sort of ranking useless in evaluating it? I don’t see it as a slight.
    My opinions are probably skewed because of Boston’s high ranking, though.

  11. Ignacio De Leon Says:

    Harvard above Chicago?

  12. Mario Rizzo Says:

    In most people’s eyes, yes.

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