by Mario Rizzo


In a surprising development, Mario Rizzo was offered, but turned down, a position on President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors. He suggested that a good alternative would be Peter Boettke of George Mason University. Unfortunately, Peter Boettke also turned down the position saying that it would interfere with his duties as editor of the Review of Austrian Economics. He, in turn, recommended Walter Block of Loyola University who accepted with great pleasure. Professor Block said that this is the greatest honor he has ever been given. He immediately proposed what he called an Austrian-style stimulus package. His people refused to elaborate.

13 thoughts on “SURPRISING NEWS

  1. Congratulations to you all! I assume his new stimulus includes converting the Federal Reserve into a private school?

  2. Those are interesting developments, Mario. And they help explain the report on the New York Times website that Ron Paul will be Obama’s new point man in Congress.

  3. But the following story is true — really! Back in the Nixon days, the wife of Cleveland’s Republican mayor Ralph Perk declined an invitation to a White House dinner on the grounds that it was her bowling night.

  4. After reading this, I was rolling on the floor. I’m going to sue Mario for intentional harmful physical distress: stomach cramps from laughing. Do anyone know any lawyer who would take on this case? Of course, an an Austrian-style stimulus package would include things like getting rid of the fed, prohibing fractional reserve banking, no more fiat currency, return to “people’s” money: gold, cutting taxes, eliminating, oh, 95% of the government’s budget (as a first step toward you know what!)

  5. I’m sure that the only reason the job was offered to Walter was that the President thought he was hiring the lead singer from “The New Kids on the Block.” Who better to fine tune the economy, his lawyer advisors from Chicago told him.

  6. Having a sense of humor is BETTER than no sense at all! At least, that’s what I always say. What do YOU always say?

  7. Beware of Obama bearing gifts. My mole in the Administration said these offers to Mario, Pete, Walter, and the others that will follow, is an attempt to round up and confine Austrian economists in America to re-education camps in Kansas. Are your affairs all in order, Walter?

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