Obama’s Budget “Cuts”?!

May 7, 2009

by Mario Rizzo

Russ Roberts has an interesting post at Cafe Hayek on this subject. What really worries me is what it says about the Obama Administration’s opinion about the intelligence of the American people. Either they think most Americans are stupid or most Americans are stupid. Or both.

5 Responses to “Obama’s Budget “Cuts”?!”

  1. Alec Says:

    Though I’m sure Don agrees, this is more properly attributed to Russ Roberts.

  2. Mario Rizzo Says:

    Apologies to both Russ Roberts and Don Boudreaux. I will correct the orginal (above) but confess the error.

  3. Greg Ransom Says:

    The most important essay people can read today is philosopher Harry Frankfurt’s essay “On Bullshit”, particularly the second half of that essay.

  4. Joe Calhoun Says:

    I think they believe that Americans are stupid and they are likely right:


  5. Kt D Says:

    Ha, well either of those options have relatively high probabilities. Honestly, I am slightly worried about the rate at which things are moving–it seems we are headed in the right direction with regard to the budget cuts, etc. But, at this point, we’re really not cutting off that much. I am still hoping that President Obama will follow through with his promises on healthcare and that those reforms will eventually help in actually downsizing the deficit.
    I watched an interesting video on all of this at newsy.com. The video summarizes Obama’s recently proposed budget cuts as well as different opinions. It’s worth watching:


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