In Vauban, no car AND no double-hyphen

by Sandy Ikeda

In Germany, they’re banning cars in the “green” village of Vauban, where you may still be permitted to pay $40,000 for a parking space in the outskirts but only if you also buy a home. Meanwhile, the other day Germany’s Constitutional Court again upheld a ban on double-hyphenated names. So will Frieda Rosemarie Thalheim-Kunz-Hallstein simply become, in the time-honored German way, Frieda Rosemarie Thalheimkunzhallstein?

6 thoughts on “In Vauban, no car AND no double-hyphen

  1. Good to see that the Germans have had the good sense not to embrace suffocatingly intrusive government.

  2. I realize my post may give the impression that Vauban’s no-car policy is a top-down government mandate of some sort, but it’s not clear from the NYT article whether, or the extent to which, that may be the case. The Wikipedia entry on Vauban isn’t much help either, but it does draw parallels with similar communities it describes as “self-governing” whatever that means. Here’s a bit more from what appears to be an official website:

  3. Cars will be with us until engineers no longer know how to propell them.
    The Vauban-idea is totally crazy.

    All the best

    Peter Sommer

  4. The top-down management of Philadelphia’s government is manipulated by parking lot czars, a refinery, and car dealer associations. They are the largest contributors to City Council members and our Mayor…
    Cars, cars, trucks, cars, trucks, more cars, surface parking lots in center city (“ripening in value”), gridlock, pollution, public streets given away for residential parking. If these folks paid for what they get we wouldn’t be so ham-strung and bankrupt. They sit on valuable sites and pay a pitance in real estate (actually land value tax) which is grossly under-assessed… but that’s the game)
    Parking garages are cheap to build above ground and generally ruin the streetscape often replacing notable, historic or period fronts….
    SOLUTION: Tax land values annually instead of REAL ESTATE. UN-tax buildings, wages, businesses. Collect the value of government created privilege and natural monopolies, Stop giving away rights-of-way (THE HIGH COST OF FREE PARKING, Don Shoup Congestion pricing (Nobel laureate, Wm. Vickery – makes a lot of sense.

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