“Causes of the Crisis Blog”

by Sandy Ikeda

Following up on its recent issue on the financial crisis, Critical Review has started a blog with contributors to that issue doing the posting.  So far they have “disputed the theory that bankers’ bonuses, irrational exuberance, or capitalism caused the crisis. And four posts have debated the role of economic theory in failing to understand the crisis.”

Contributors listed under the fold.

Daron Acemoglu (MIT)
Viral V. Acharya (NYU) and Matthew Richardson (NYU)
Amar Bhide (Columbia U.)
David Colander (Middlebury College)
Steven Gjerstad (Chapman U.) and Vernon L. Smith (2002 Nobel laureate)
Michael Goldberg (U. of New Hampshire)
Juliusz Jablecki (Polish Central Bank) and Mateusz Machaj (Wroclaw U.)
Katerina Juselius (U. of Copenhagen)
Thomas Lux (U. of Kiel)
Joseph E. Stiglitz (2001 Nobel laureate)
John B. Taylor (Stanford U.)
Peter J. Wallison (American Enterprise Inst.)
Lawrence J. White (NYU)

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