Props to Obama

by Roger Koppl

Obama has been a bitter disappointment to me, though not really a surprise.  He is skilled at signaling goodness while concentrating benefits and dispersing costs.  That’s the norm for elected officials, especially at his level.  Bush was an exception because he was only mediocre at signaling goodness and yet a genius at increasing state power.  Still you gotta give Obama your props when he deserves them.  His statement on the prize was beautiful.  That’s the Obama I voted for!  Too bad that’s not the Obama making real choices as this Toronto Star op ed by Haroon Siddiqui chronicles.

5 thoughts on “Props to Obama

  1. Well, Roger, I told ya (at the SEA in DC) that McCain-Pelosi gridlock would be better than an Obama frieght train, not that it matters- Obama won by more than your one vote.

  2. You did, Doug! I think I said at the time that your argument was reasonable and legitimate even though it didn’t “work” for me. Or am I confabulating? In my defense, there is reason to suspect that such gridlock would not be forthcoming as this morning’s blog from Glenn Greenwald tends to suggest, to me at least. Here’s that url:

  3. Politics involves extreme speculation and radical uncertainty, who knows what McCain would have ended up doing. I expected worse from Obama for one reason: anyone who would run for the presidency with so very little experience surely suffers from an exceptionally bad case of fatal conceit. Obama’s conceit is reinforced by lackeys and sychophants like Chris Mathews. Can you imagine such a cult following developing around McCain?

  4. There’s certainly nothing wrong with either receiving the Prize nor speechifying about it.

    Please note, however, that the President’s making great speeches — while doing nothing of substance — is exactly what the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy wants.

    Now, if only Congress would play along…

  5. “There’s certainly nothing wrong with either receiving the Prize nor speechifying about it.” Just so, Wry, just so. The prize was not his choice and thus no cause for criticizing him. And Obama’s speechifying is a good thing considered in itself, hence the props.

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