Planning And Democracy: Redux

October 21, 2009

by Mario Rizzo 

The Senate Finance Committee has filed its current version of healthcare reform. It is here.  

(HT: Volokh Conspiracy)  

It is 1,502 pages long and it is in legislative language. If passed, it will affect our lives in important ways. Let me suggest that you all read it carefully and then let your senators know what you think. 

Of course you won’t do that and neither will I. We are rationally ignorant and we shall remain that way. 

Will the senators, not on the committee, read it? I doubt it. They will be too busy giving their opinions on selected portions. However, special interests will know about the particular provisions that affect them. As to the senators on the committee, staffers will give summaries. How much they understand or care about provisions that affect the general interests in contrast to the interests that elect them is unknown.  

The welfare state makes a mockery of the rule of law and of representative democracy.

9 Responses to “Planning And Democracy: Redux”

  1. chidemkurdas Says:

    It also raises the question of whether laws are to some extent intentionally complicated so that very few understand what they mean. All the better to bamboozle the public.

  2. I appreciate your continuing to pound away at this, Mario. Democracy, indeed! Consent of the governed, indeed. What do they take us for?

  3. […] again, NYU’s Mario Rizzo at ThinkMarkets,  a FEE summer seminar lecturer, exposes the sham democracy that is the welfare state.  The […]

  4. @Sheldon:

    They take us for what we (“the royal ‘we’ dude”) are!

  5. Mario Rizzo Says:

    Herbert Spencer once described the members of Parliament as “the half-blind elected by the wholly blind.”

  6. Bas Says:

    On the way to hell or heaven the last people you need is help from good people.
    Bad ones are no help to but thy admit it and offering no help other as self.
    Historically this proven in the past 200 years and reading between lines, al the way down.
    Never mind deciding who is who, the bad is always interfering in the life of the good.
    The other way around is the bad only out for himself, the natural way according to Darwin.

  7. Bas Says:

    Wrong writhing.
    The good is always interfering.
    The bad are naturally bad according to the evolution theory.

  8. I found your blog on Google. I’ve bookmarked it and will watch out for your next blog post.

  9. […] The 1,279 page “Financial Stability Improvement Act of 2009” – to use its official short title – gives new meaning to the words “voluminous” and “incoherent”.   It is like the preceding 1,502 page healthcare legislation, which is virtually unreadable, as Mario Rizzo pointed out. […]

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