Are You Too Calm? The Clock is Ticking…

March 10, 2010

by Mario Rizzo

If you find you need a little more anxiety in your life, take a look at this real-time statistics “clock.”  It shows the debt and unfunded liabilities that taxpayers now face, without counting the new healthcare program that the Obama Administration is hoping to see passed.

If you are like me, it will make you nervous — in a somewhat fun way, however.

(HT: Jeremy Sapienza.)

4 Responses to “Are You Too Calm? The Clock is Ticking…”

  1. Glenn Beck is fond of putting the clock up on his show.

  2. Efinancial Says:

    Prof. Rizzo

    What is fun about watching your future mortgaged away by the thieving politicians?

  3. chidemkurdas Says:

    The Medicare liability item on the bottom row is particularly interesting. It was making its way up to $75 trillion as I watched right now, if I’m counting right.

  4. spepost Says:

    I think many find calmness in not thinking about the future, and focusing only on things within arms reach. Maybe they’re the lucky ones.

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