Further Diagnosis

March 28, 2010

by Mario Rizzo

Brad DeLong continues his long-distance diagnosis of my mental and moral character.

UPDATE: Steven Landsburg has a different take.

4 Responses to “Further Diagnosis”

  1. David Gordon Says:

    DeLong doesn’t address the issue of how to distinguish morality from social custom, which seems to me the key question in Mario’s post.

  2. David J Says:

    I wonder if Brad DeLong is familiar with social norms beside tipping such as, say, not personally attacking other people. With a second post on the subject, where he continues to try and support his claim that you are “clinically crazy”, DeLong seems to be exhibiting sociopathic behavior. Instead of retracting or apologizing for his socially unacceptable personal attack, he is expounding on it.

  3. Santtu Says:

    Bradford is creepy reptoid, but it’s the comment sections of his posts that really get under my skin.

  4. Murray Says:

    DeLong in that post makes a performative argument for abortion. I think no one is taking seriously his interesting pro-choice position.

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