The Most Important Thing You Can Read

by Mario Rizzo

My frequent coauthor, Glen Whitman, has the lead essay on new paternalism at Cato Unbound this month. There will be responses by Richard Thaler (Chicago), Jonathan Klick (U of Penn), Shane Frederick (Yale).

This is the most important thing you can read this month — better than anything anywhere else in the blogosphere, world wide web, and all traditional media publications. Except posts at Think Markets, of course.

2 thoughts on “The Most Important Thing You Can Read

  1. Nice essay. The “foot in the door” sales technique.

    Seems like we moved far from “soft paternalism” long ago in regards to retirement savings with Social Security.

  2. Mario,

    nice! Let’s see if ONE takes this post too serious, and will start calling you a selfish person again.


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