Too Much Aid Will Hobble Arab Spring

June 8, 2011

by Mario Rizzo

For those who have access to the Financial Times, a must-read is the opinion piece by Saifedean Ammous. Saif attended our NYU colloquium regularly during his last year as a graduate student at Columbia University. Congratulations.  See the FT online here.

3 Responses to “Too Much Aid Will Hobble Arab Spring”

  1. Great article in the FT.

    There is a companion piece in today’s Washington Post about a Democrat Senate report on the failures of aid and naton building in Afghanistan. The aid model fails repeatedly but keeps being applied.

  2. Mario Rizzo Says:

    Here is the report mentioned in Jerry’s comment above. It is linked by Sen. Rand Paul:

  3. The US has a surprisingly long history of nation building, and it has mostly been a record of failure. The elites learn nothing from past failures. I recommend Chris Coyne’s “After War” on point.

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