Best of ThinkMarkets 2008–2016

by Andreas Hoffmann and Mario Rizzo

We had a look at the statistics of the blog when we updated the page.  We learned that ThinkMarkets has published almost 800 blog posts since 2008. Some posts have received a lot more attention than others.

We have selected an all-time TOP 5:

TOP 5: Against all odds, we defended “the undefendable” and attracted lots of readers.  Could Sarah Palin be right? got the most views in 2011.

TOP 4: In 2009, it seems that many Keynesians were surprised about Keynes as Public Works Sceptic.

TOP 3: Man: A Political Animal was among the most viewed blog posts for several years. No post has seen more views in 2010, implying that many readers enjoy discussing political philosophy.

TOP 2: Since 2014 many readers got involved in the discussion on differences between libertarianism and classical liberalism. The material is still popular. It is getting hundreds of views per month.

TOP 1: Taxi tipping, why? has been the most visited ThinkMarkets article thus far. It has triggered debates across blogs and divided people. Taxi tipping beat Keynes, health care, migration or inflation issues.

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