¡Feliz Geburtstag!

by Pablo Duarte

There is a growing community of economists around the world who now have a better sense of time and ignorance, a richer understanding of Austrian economics, classical liberalism, legal paternalism and a better taste for coffee. I count to this group of economists as I had the fortune of visiting Mario as a Ph.D. student from Leipzig.

As a Master’s students at Leipzig University I attended a class Mario gave on Austrian Law and Economics. A couple of months earlier Andreas Hoffmann had come back from visiting Mario as a Ph.D. student and had arranged Mario’s visit to Leipzig. After the class and after listening to  Andreas talking about his experience and its impact on his life I was very encouraged to follow in his steps. Mario agreed and in 2014 I was able to come to New York as a visiting Ph.D. student as the second Leipzig Student to visit him.

Mario’s support during my time in New York was determinant for my posterior career choices. When I arrived in New York I had a Ph.D. project on topics in international economic policy and development economics as a well as a broad interest in institutional analysis from my time in Freiburg learning about Hayek and the Ordoliberal school. In numerous conversations Mario motivated me to look further into the field of Law and Economics as I could find there a forum to fruitfully put my interests together.

While drinking coffee (I used to drink Latte, what Mario used to drink as a kid), we discussed not only the topics of my Ph.D. project and other timely issues but also chapters of his “Habilitation”: Puppets and puppet masters. All of this, plus the colloquium and the multiple seminars, conferences, lunch talks, etc. that Mario made available for his visiting Ph.D. students created a highly motivating and incredibly dynamic forum, ideal for any latte-drinking economist in formation like me.

Mario has left a long-lasting impact in the lives of a new generation of economists. Thank you, Mario, for your support and for being such a great exchange “Doktorvater”.

Happy Birthday!

One thought on “¡Feliz Geburtstag!

  1. Thanks, Pablo. You were a wonderful addition to the program and colloquium here. I learned a good deal from our discussions. Remember that I am a macro/development innocent. I hope to continue to see you at NYU many more times — like this Fall.

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