My appreciation of Mario Rizzo on his 70th birthday

by Tyler Cowen

I believe I was only 19 years old when I first presented a paper to the NYU Austrian Economics colloquium, on Wicksell’s capital theory.  I believe I was only 14 years old when I first attended, simply as an observer.

Mario Rizzo, one of the mainstays at that seminar, always made me feel welcome, and indeed seemed delighted to see me there. At the same time, he had enough respect to criticize my ideas when he disagreed with them.  I was always invited to come back, and never discouraged from voicing disagreement with others, Mario of course included.

I remember hearing Mario as a young teen and being amazed that a single person could know so much.  I recall him making insightful comments about Popper’s type III category in *Conjectures and Refutations*, positivism, and also about Rousseau and nihilism. And from an economist!  He was one of the very best role models for me.

And still is.

Tyler Cowen

6 thoughts on “My appreciation of Mario Rizzo on his 70th birthday

  1. I attended the NYU Colloquim between 84-88. The Colloquium would have been very different without Mario! In particular I remember how he enjoyed “straddling” and generating good discussions when Prof Lachmann would challenge certain aspects (and sometimes some fundamental aspects) of the “middle-of-the-road” views. Also, Mario always was a source of insightful, out of the box views and perspectives. I enjoyed so much the quartet IMK, Mario, Larry and Prof. Lachmann. Good old days. Thank you, for-ever young (70 oops) Mario!

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