COSMOS + TAXIS Issue on Jane Jacobs

by Sandy Ikeda Jane Jacobs’ writings span several disciplines—including ethics and most especially economics—but she is best known for her contributions to and her critique of urban planning, design, and policy. Many of those whom she influenced in academia, policy, and activism took the occasion of her one-hundredth birthday in 2016 to celebrate those contributions … Continue reading COSMOS + TAXIS Issue on Jane Jacobs

“Unintended consequences of ‘Smart Growth'”

by Sandy Ikeda That's the title of a video interview I did with the Mackinac Center that was posted on their website a few days ago. I did it last summer and it runs about twelve minutes. It's very hard to do justice to either the SG side or my critique in such a … Continue reading “Unintended consequences of ‘Smart Growth'”

In Vauban, no car AND no double-hyphen

by Sandy Ikeda In Germany, they're banning cars in the "green" village of Vauban, where you may still be permitted to pay $40,000 for a parking space in the outskirts but only if you also buy a home. Meanwhile, the other day Germany's Constitutional Court again upheld a ban on double-hyphenated names. So will Frieda … Continue reading In Vauban, no car AND no double-hyphen

Rothbard on sprawl and discrimination

by Sandy Ikeda Over at Market Urbanism they're discussing Murray Rothbard's analysis in For a New Liberty (1973) of how local public-school financing created incentives (1) for urban populations to move to the suburbs and (2) for suburbs to discriminate against low-income (re black) families via zoning and building regulations. So add public schools to … Continue reading Rothbard on sprawl and discrimination

Two interesting models of urban redevelopment

by Sandy Ikeda From the New York Times, “An Effort to Save Flint, Mich., by Shrinking It”: Instead of waiting for houses to become abandoned and then pulling them down, local leaders are talking about demolishing entire blocks and even whole neighborhoods. The population would be condensed into a few viable areas. So would stores … Continue reading Two interesting models of urban redevelopment

Infrastructure: Here’s what Robert Moses would do today

by Sandy Ikeda (Map by "vanshnookenraggen.") With your indulgence, I’ll get to my main point, and this map, in a moment. But first, as we all know, the House has just passed a special ex post tax on bonuses awarded to individuals working for companies that received bail-out money. (One egregious violation of the rule … Continue reading Infrastructure: Here’s what Robert Moses would do today

New York, the unfinished city

by Sandy Ikeda A friend from France, who is both an artist and an economist, on a visit to New York last year said she loves this place so much because every time she comes here she always finds it new and interesting. Well, couldn’t you say that about any great city? Apparently not. Thomas … Continue reading New York, the unfinished city

On corners: My father and Jane Jacobs

by Sandy Ikeda Also in “The City” section of Sunday’s The New York Times is a fun article about city corners called “Cornerville” that details the intensity of life at a particular spot of urban convergence, the intersection of 23rd Street and 7th Avenue, near the famed Chelsea Hotel.  (Curiously, the article seems to just … Continue reading On corners: My father and Jane Jacobs

Another side of Mumbai

by Sandy Ikeda Because of their location, Dharavi's residents have been locked for years in a tug of war with government officials who look hungrily at such choice land and dream their own dreams of reincarnation.  If the officials get their way, the slum will be demolished and reborn as a gleaming collection of high-rise … Continue reading Another side of Mumbai