Who will capture forensic science?

by Roger Koppl Friday I spoke at a conference on  Forensic Science in the 21st Century: The National Academy of Sciences Report and Beyond.   The report was a humdinger.  It says,  “The bottom line is simple: In a number of forensic science disciplines, forensic science professionals have yet to establish either the validity of their approachor the accuracy … Continue reading Who will capture forensic science?

Now it’s official: forensic science is a mess

by Roger Koppl The NAS released a much-anticipated report on forensic science last month.  The report said, “With the exception of nuclear DNA analysis, however, no forensic method has been rigorously shown to have the capacity to consistently, and with a high degree of certainty, demonstrate a connection between evidence and a specific individual or … Continue reading Now it’s official: forensic science is a mess

A Gem in the Folded Palm of Forensic Science

by Roger Koppl I’ve been railing against epistemic monopolies for a while now, particularly in forensic science.  This project complements Peart and Levy’s work on experts.  (See their symposium the 2008 Eastern Economics Journal, vol. 38 starting page 103.)  I keep insisting that we need redundancy to reduce error rates.  Economists, forensic scientists, and philosophers … Continue reading A Gem in the Folded Palm of Forensic Science

Flaming torches and pitchforks

by Roger Koppl Forensic scientist Brian Gestring laments “The Dawn of the ‘Forensic Science Provocateur’” in the latest CAC News.  That’s the newsletter of the California Association of Criminalists.  He objects to the “peripheral waves of lawyers and business professors that have . . . found a new calling, that of Forensic Science Provocateur.”  But … Continue reading Flaming torches and pitchforks