Another Blog Post On Gates-Gate

by Roger Koppl

One comment on Gene’s recent post on the Beer Summit blasts “Obama’s PREjudice, his knee-jerk observationless, evidenceless accusation at Crowley.”  I think we need to remember that the police are monopoly representatives of state power.

Many serious people believe 1) that municipal police officers tend to be too eager to arrest people for, essentially, being disrespectful and 2) that black people, especially black men, are disproportionately at risk of inappropriate, arbitrary, or false arrest.  Continue reading

Obama Has the Right Idea

by Gene Callahan

There has been a lot of commentary about Obama’s “beer summit” with Harvard Prof. Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Cambridge Sgt. James Crowley at the White House to discuss Crowley’s arrest of Gates. I must say that I admire Obama’s approach here, as I find it refreshingly Aristotelian: the right way to sort out conflicts like that between Gates and Crowley is to have a symposium and engage in reasonable discussion about the problem.