Liberty by Design

by Roger Koppl

Those of us who love liberty and fear the state support “deregulation.”  We want to unwind the bramble of regulations constraining the dynamic entrepreneurial economy.  But we have not thought enough about how to unwind the unwieldy regulatory apparatus of the current system.  It is one thing to show how a “truly free market” would work.  It is quite another to show how to get from the current regulatory mess to something we are happy call a “free market.”  Continue reading

Deregulation and the Crash of 2008: Was Greenspan right?


When Alan Greenspan blamed deregulation for the Crash of 2008 many libertarians scrambled to denounce the former Fed chairman as a hypocrite or nuts or both. And in defense of the free market, some invoked “the dynamics of interventionism,” the popular interpretation of which is that the expansion of government control generates negative unintended consequences that tend in turn to provoke further government controls.

For what it’s worth, lately I’ve realized that these responses are probably wrong: What we’re going through right now is at least partly the result of deregulation – or to use my preferred clunky term “disintervention” – and less the result of the expansion of intervention. So how does that not make me a hypocrite or nuts or both?
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