Get Real about Jobs

by Chidem Kurdas Today President Obama is holding a jobs summit, with the professed goal of soliciting ideas to encourage businesses to hire. Short-term tax credits for employers are among the measures mentioned. Yesterday here on ThinkMarkets Mario Rizzo pointed to the distorting impact of such proposals and cited Gary Becker’s argument that cutting income … Continue reading Get Real about Jobs

Big Bad Bank and Little Red Trustbuster

by Chidem Kurdas A surprising new Small-Is-Beautiful movement is afoot.  Mario Rizzo, Jerry O'Driscoll, Harry Kaufman and others make a case for  breaking up too-big-to-fail financial institutions. As Mr. Kaufman puts it, otherwise those companies will become financial public utilities backstopped by the government. It’s not likely that the 2008 crisis would have been prevented … Continue reading Big Bad Bank and Little Red Trustbuster