Obama as King Canute

by Mario Rizzo  

President Obama, always alert to the laws of economics, is complaining, in effect, that loading up private health insurance with even more mandates seems to be causing rises in premiums.  

As The New York Times reports: 

“President Obama, whose vilification of insurers helped push a landmark health care overhaul through Congress, plans to sternly warn industry executives at a White House meeting on Tuesday against imposing hefty rate increases in anticipation of tightening regulation under the new law, administration officials said Monday… Mr. Obama will appear in the East Room, where he will highlight new regulations to protect consumers from discriminatory insurance practices, end lifetime limits on coverage and ban unjustified revocations of coverage …Mr. Axelrod likened them to “essentially a patients’ bill of rights, the strongest in history.” Continue reading

How ObamaCare Might Be Repealed

by Mario Rizzo  

As long as Obama is president, it is unlikely that the recently-passed healthcare law will be explicitly repealed. However, it is quite possible that if certain constituent parts of the law begin to fail a radical transformation could take place.  

The longer-term Achilles’ heel of the law is the health insurance mandate. Following closely in terms of vulnerability, but a more short-run concern,  is the projected Medicare savings.  

Each of these can and will likely be picked apart.   Continue reading