Debt Deal as Salami Strategy

by Chidem Kurdas

Yes, a federal debt deadline is looming and, yes, it has become conventional wisdom that something needs to be done about the deficit and resulting debt. Having watched the  political jockeying, I am now persuaded that the notion of a bi-partisan deal to tackle the deficit is likely a trap.

To raise the debt ceiling, President Obama urges Republicans to accept a bargain that includes higher taxes and spending cuts. Note the reasoning: “The money’s been spent,” he reportedly said. “So this is urgent, and it needs to get settled.”  

Suppose Republicans agree to ending some tax breaks as Mr. Obama proposes. Next time around, he comes back with another oh dear, we already spent the money, you’ll have to raise some other taxes and, of course, the debt ceiling again. And so on and so forth, with Leviathan in the main protecting its ample bulk. Continue reading