Best of ThinkMarkets 2008–2016

by Andreas Hoffmann and Mario Rizzo We had a look at the statistics of the blog when we updated the page.  We learned that ThinkMarkets has published almost 800 blog posts since 2008. Some posts have received a lot more attention than others. We have selected an all-time TOP 5: TOP 5: Against all odds, … Continue reading Best of ThinkMarkets 2008–2016

Hayek and Keynes Debating in Wonderland

by Thomas McQuade Here’s what Alice might have recited to the Caterpillar, had Charles Dodgson been a 20th century economist of sorts: You are old, Maynard Keynes, and your theory’s askew, It’s easy for one to see through it – Yet everyone thinks that you’ve said something new. Just how did you manage to do … Continue reading Hayek and Keynes Debating in Wonderland

Microfoundations are not a “Morality Tale”

by Mario Rizzo   In his column today in the Financial Times the often-excellent Martin Wolf drops the ball. He endorses the view which he associates with J.M. Keynes “that one should not treat the economy as a morality tale.”   The third and most important lesson is that one should not treat the economy as … Continue reading Microfoundations are not a “Morality Tale”