Welcoming the Bankruptcy of the Welfare State

by Mario Rizzo   

There are at least two kinds of opponents of the welfare state. There are those who think it has gone too far because, for example, it is very expensive, counterproductive, reduces incentives for economic initiative, depresses general economic growth, and may cause an unsustainable debt burden. You can count many economists in this group.  

Then there are those who believe that these consequences will follow but also believe that the welfare state is a profoundly immoral institution. It is true that these economic consequences are one of the things that make the welfare state immoral. But that is not all that makes it immoral.  

The root of the problem is the welfare state’s bogus liberality. Continue reading

Time for Reflection: Cicero, Liberality and Katrina

by Mario Rizzo


Some time ago I came across this quotation from Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 – 43 BC), the Roman orator, senator, philosopher and opponent of the dictatorship of Julius Caesar. I have a picture of stone bust of him both in my office and my home. (Yes, I like him.)  

There are, though, many especially those greedy for renown and glory, who steal from one group the very money they lavish upon another. Continue reading