Lobbyist Job Creation Act

By Chidem Kurdas Happy Fourth of July! Don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but  the state of the Republic requires serious thought. Our government has managed to create endless opportunities, but not for ordinary people—only for political operators and influence peddlers, with the Obama Administration pushing some 4,500 pages of medical and financial regulation … Continue reading Lobbyist Job Creation Act

Grounding Oil Spill Politics

by Chidem Kurdas BP flounders, the Obama administration hastily reverses its deep-water oil drilling policy and bans what it previously wanted to expand and another regulator proves itself worse than useless. Better – or at least more realistic – decisions should be made about a valuable common resource like offshore oil. For that, we need … Continue reading Grounding Oil Spill Politics

Politics in One Lesson

by Roger Koppl It is better to signal goodness than to do good. That’s it.  That’s the lesson.  (Thanks to Steve Horwitz for the title of this post.)  Democratic politics is mostly about signals not substance.  The lesson is simple, but somehow hard to learn. Okay, okay, I admit that’s not really the One Great … Continue reading Politics in One Lesson

Another Blog Post On Gates-Gate

by Roger Koppl One comment on Gene’s recent post on the Beer Summit blasts “Obama’s PREjudice, his knee-jerk observationless, evidenceless accusation at Crowley.”  I think we need to remember that the police are monopoly representatives of state power. Many serious people believe 1) that municipal police officers tend to be too eager to arrest people … Continue reading Another Blog Post On Gates-Gate

Big Players and the Rule of Law

by Roger Koppl Greg Mankiw quotes a recent WSJ article: "Like many others I made the mistake of buying what I believed was 'value,'" Mr. Gwin says, adding that investors who bought at the time believed the loans were worth more than their market price. "We did not contemplate having our first liens invalidated by … Continue reading Big Players and the Rule of Law

Infrastructure: Here’s what Robert Moses would do today

by Sandy Ikeda (Map by "vanshnookenraggen.") With your indulgence, I’ll get to my main point, and this map, in a moment. But first, as we all know, the House has just passed a special ex post tax on bonuses awarded to individuals working for companies that received bail-out money. (One egregious violation of the rule … Continue reading Infrastructure: Here’s what Robert Moses would do today

In Defense of Reasonable Ideology

    by Mario Rizzo   There have been many statements recently to the effect that we should not let “ideology” or “philosophy” stand in the way of solving our economic problems.  Indeed, the Obama Administration (and the previous Bush Administration) are keen to persuade us to drop all of this prejudice and to go … Continue reading In Defense of Reasonable Ideology

Science and Truthiness

by Roger Koppl President Obama seems to be setting himself up as the scientific President.  He has a Nobel Prize winning physicist for his Secretary of Energy.  Monday he reversed the ban on stem-cell research and issued an interesting memo meant, presumably, to restore scientific integrity to the Executive Branch of the federal government. Obama’s … Continue reading Science and Truthiness

Orthogonal mindsets

by Sandy Ikeda At the Colloquium lunch on Monday, one of my esteemed colleagues wondered aloud whether Paul Krugman’s insistence that the humongous stimulus package needs to be much bigger wasn’t evidence of madness. Then, something came up during the actual colloquium – with Larry White, with whom we were discussing a chapter, dealing with … Continue reading Orthogonal mindsets