The Socialism of the 21st Century is on its Way out!?

by Andrea L. Tapia-Hoffmann* Rafael Correa was inaugurated as President of Ecuador in 2007. He joined forces with Chavez to promote the idea of a so-called "Socialism of the 21st Century" in Latin America. After Chavez’s death in 2013, Correa became the self-proclaimed leader of the movement. Because the new socialism has led to severe … Continue reading The Socialism of the 21st Century is on its Way out!?

Peace and Free Enterprise

by Jerry O’Driscoll   Initially, the headlines about the Iowa straw poll said Bachmann won. That was literally true, but hardly interesting. Libertarian Ron Paul basically tied her. The two candidates blew out the rest of the field with 57% of the vote. Under pressure from rapid blog postings, the established media have caught up with … Continue reading Peace and Free Enterprise

Politics in One Lesson

by Roger Koppl It is better to signal goodness than to do good. That’s it.  That’s the lesson.  (Thanks to Steve Horwitz for the title of this post.)  Democratic politics is mostly about signals not substance.  The lesson is simple, but somehow hard to learn. Okay, okay, I admit that’s not really the One Great … Continue reading Politics in One Lesson

Wider Message of Corruption Plague

By Chidem Kurdas   Illinois governor Blagojevich hogged the news headlines, but he has plenty of company across the country. Yesterday the New York Times had at least two other stories of new political corruption. Then there were press items digging up similar historical incidents.   Recent investigations in Massachusetts have resulted in charges against … Continue reading Wider Message of Corruption Plague