Regulatory War of Choice

by Chidem Kurdas “A just war” is how Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner describes the movement to expand financial regulation.  “It's a war of necessity, not a war of choice,” he  is reported as saying about  the battle to impose greater government control on the financial sector. This is the man who presided over the New … Continue reading Regulatory War of Choice

Big Players and the Rule of Law

by Roger Koppl Greg Mankiw quotes a recent WSJ article: "Like many others I made the mistake of buying what I believed was 'value,'" Mr. Gwin says, adding that investors who bought at the time believed the loans were worth more than their market price. "We did not contemplate having our first liens invalidated by … Continue reading Big Players and the Rule of Law

Rewarding the Punch Provider

by Chidem Kurdas   After causing a debacle by flooding the system with oodles of easy money, the Federal Reserve is to morph into the enforcer of  systemic prudence. We’re told that Treasury secretary Tim Geithner wants to create a single systemic risk regulator to oversee the whole financial system and the Fed will probably … Continue reading Rewarding the Punch Provider

The Quality of Price Signals

by Mario Rizzo In an under-appreciated book, The Foundations of Morality (1964), the Wall Street Journal and New York Times economic journalist, Henry Hazlitt, wrote that the price system does not send accurate signals in the absence of private property rights. “It is important to insist that private property and free markets are not separable … Continue reading The Quality of Price Signals