Take That, Joseph Stiglitz!

August 12, 2011

Hayek as Street Art

Seen near Columbia University, Broadway and 112th Street.

HT: Daniel Chiarilli



6 Responses to “Take That, Joseph Stiglitz!”

  1. I bet he’s shaking in his boots. Oh wait, he’s known for going around with no shoes on. Fail.

  2. defendit Says:


  3. Speedmaster Says:

    Outstanding! I’ll link to this tomorrow. 😉

  4. Is this refering to something Stiglitz said about Hayek?

  5. […] Take That, Joseph Stiglitz! It’s All Made in China? Not So […]

  6. […] tip: ThinkMarkets. For more on the reviving interest in Hayek, see here and here and here. David […]

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