Best of ThinkMarkets 2008–2016

by Andreas Hoffmann and Mario Rizzo We had a look at the statistics of the blog when we updated the page.  We learned that ThinkMarkets has published almost 800 blog posts since 2008. Some posts have received a lot more attention than others. We have selected an all-time TOP 5: TOP 5: Against all odds, … Continue reading Best of ThinkMarkets 2008–2016

Peace and Free Enterprise

by Jerry O’Driscoll   Initially, the headlines about the Iowa straw poll said Bachmann won. That was literally true, but hardly interesting. Libertarian Ron Paul basically tied her. The two candidates blew out the rest of the field with 57% of the vote. Under pressure from rapid blog postings, the established media have caught up with … Continue reading Peace and Free Enterprise

Why Rand Paul is wrong about Title II

by Roger Koppl Rand Paul won the Republican primary in the Kentucky Senate race and almost immediately stepped into a big pile of steaming controversy by telling Rachel Maddow that he did not support Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Since then few voices have defended his statements on Maddow’s show, with John … Continue reading Why Rand Paul is wrong about Title II

Liberty by Design

by Roger Koppl Those of us who love liberty and fear the state support “deregulation.”  We want to unwind the bramble of regulations constraining the dynamic entrepreneurial economy.  But we have not thought enough about how to unwind the unwieldy regulatory apparatus of the current system.  It is one thing to show how a “truly … Continue reading Liberty by Design

What is the Philosophy of Freedom Called?

by Mario Rizzo   As one who has taught courses in classical liberalism at NYU both at the college and at the law school, I cannot help take an interest in the discussion about conservatism over at the Becker-Posner blog and by my colleague William Easterly at Aid Watch. So permit me to add something.   To … Continue reading What is the Philosophy of Freedom Called?

Time for Reflection: “The Unity of the People”

by Mario Rizzo After most presidential elections in recent years there is talk of uniting the country, somehow overcoming differences and working for the betterment of the nation. This is a dangerous idea if it is taken seriously. In a (classical) liberal society with a minimal state this ideal is a real and benign possibility. This … Continue reading Time for Reflection: “The Unity of the People”